Wildest Moon

It’s time to pamper you with a magical night out. While the music will guide you through the night, the moon will has its own challenges…

Moon meditation
Every Wild as the Moon show starts with a powerful moon meditation. By allowing yourself to “arrive”, you enter a new dimension and take a moment to get used to the energy around you. Step away from the outside world. Be conscious, mindful and aware. Let the words and music guide you to the ethereal planes and find out more about yourself.

Moon challenges
The new Snow Moon will give challenges along the way. It will notice you that hibernation is over, since the sun is coming out more often. Birds are more active and so will you. But not every seed will germinate, focus therefore on things in life that will lead to something new.

Let go of what happened and dance into the unknown with Oliver Koletzki, Elfenberg, Headwaters (live), Iorie (live) and Niko Schwind. Beware… the good dreams come to life. See you on Saturday the 7th of March!

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Wild As The Moon - OLIVER KOLETZKI - sold out

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