Let’s talk: Behrouz

We’d a chat with Behrouz about the upcoming Do Not Sit club night and more…

Do Not Sit On The Furniture’s home base is in Miami, tell us something about the Miami vibe and what do you like about Amsterdam?
The club in Miami was created over 7 years ago and is more like our showroom that we have open all year long.  I wanted a place where I could bring my friends that came to Miami and they could listen to good music anytime they came to the club.  It’s also where we started our community building efforts to bring like minded people who went to festivals like Burning Man, a platform for up and coming DJ / producers and just a feel good place for someone who didn’t want the ultra VIP look and feel that most clubs in Miami have.  I’ve been going to Amsterdam for ADE and playing there at many festivals for many years. I am a big fan Amsterdam and the clubs there. Everything is so organized and well thought and planned out.

How did you come up with Do Not Sit Records?
Obviously, it was the next step in the evolution of the brand and club. I’ve always wanted my own record label so this was our next step to take the brand to the next level.

What’s it that makes Do Not Sit unique?
Well, it’s a combination of our music – not just one style of music, our productions, the community of people around the world that support us and the story telling behind each show.

How do you combine your musical career and hosting events?
I believe nowadays being a DJ is like being a promoter.  It’s intertwined in so many ways.  I’ve been doing my own events for over 20 years so this was a natural transition for me to start my own brand and do my own events.

What can we expect at Do Not Sit in De Marktkantine this Saturday?
You can expect a magical night filled with love and good music. We pour our hearts in our events and hopefully all of you can feel what we do to make the night so special.

Thank you for your time Behrouz and see you, Kiasmos and Vander this Saturday. We can’t wait!

“I moved from San Francisco to Miami and realised that there needed to be a change in the music scene in Miami and I opened up Do Not Sit On The Furniture.”

za 18 jan
Do Not Sit w/ Behrouz, Kiasmos, Vander

Behrouz will bring his underground movement 'Do Not Sit On The Furniture' to Amsterdam on January 18! Expect a club night dedicated to li...