What happens in our basement, stays in the basement? No, not at De Marktkantine! But what are they doing over there? ‘The University of the Underground’ is a free two-year Masters program uses design thinking to tackle the world’s biggest problems. It focus’ on social dreaming, critical design, social actions, politics, theatrical practices, film, music and experiential practices.

On November 22 they are throwing their second event ‘Agora Club 2 : Thrill Demeter!’ – the party that performs the act of social dreaming. Agora brings dining, discussions, performances, dancers, a vogue ball fashion parade and DJs together to collectively perform. Explore collective fears and the act of transformation in an age reliant on extremities.

The event will start with a collective dinner and will be hosted by University of the Underground director Dr Nelly Ben Hayoun and board member Peaches Christ. Yes. The one and only (!) – the American underground drag performer, emcee, filmmaker and actor.


  • Ishmael Butler and Tendai “Baba” Maraire of Shabazz Palaces
    The experimental hip-hop duo from Seattle perform a special one-off show.
  • Fay Milton of Savages
    Drummer, Producer, DJ and organiser of club night ‘Too Many Man’.
  •  Otis Mensah
    Spoken word rapper and Sheffield’s first appointed Poet Laureate.
  • University of the Underground students


  •  Arne Hendriks
    Bio-artist, designer and ½ creator of Amsterdam’s artist grown fatberg.
  • David Wise
    Composer and sound designer for the Donkey Kong video games.
  •  Daniela De Paulis
    Artist & Researcher in SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence).
  • Marjolein Stappers
    Designer and oyster shell archaeologist.
  • Nahum
    Musician, magician and astronomical conjurer.

More will be announced soon…

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