za 14 mrt

Postponed: Stephan Bodzin (live)

22:00 — 5:00

* Due the coronavirus the event with Stephan Bodzin (live) – De Marktkantine is re-scheduled to the only available date this year on Sunday the 20th of September. *

Stephan Bodzin will show us the power of live melody on the 14th of March!

Stephan Bodzin’s live techno productions are such an experience. We were all blown away by the true storyteller last year, so prepare yourself for another round. This time, Luna Semara and our Nicky Elisabeth will musical support Bodzin for the night.

Theatre Room
Stephan Bodzin live
Luna Semara
Nicky Elisabeth

Middle Room
Monkey Safari (4 hour set)

De Marktkantine Soundsytem

Doors close at 4am
This is an 21+ event
Food/drinks by card only

We always sell the first tickets for our events via our mailinglist. You can sign up here: https://marktkantine.nl/info/nieuwsbrief/