Let’s talk: Miss Melera

We’d a chat with Miss Melera about the upcoming Colourizon club night and more…

You’ve invited Guy J to join you this Colourizon edition, why so?
Guy J has always been a favourite producer of mine and beside playing his tracks a lot during my gigs, his sound fits perfectly to my Colourizon show online as well. It isn’t that long ago I’ve heard him for the first time playing a dj set and he absolutely knows how to build a set. It’s storytelling, melodic and beside this, Guy gives the crowd such a good vibe with his charisma as well. Always so thankful when he can bring his music, lovely to see. It was about time to invite him for a Colourizon Live edition.

Do you prefer a sunrise or sunset horizon? 
Good question and difficult too. Both are special. Mostly a sundown is a moment to share with friends, or a lot of other people at the same place and moment. But watching the morning sunrise is such an energetic start of the day.

What’s the most beautiful horizon you’ve ever seen?
I’m always impressed by the horizon view from the plane. Especially when there is a sundown or sunset. Untouchable as the horizon is but from this view it feels more close and very impressive.

Gig with a view or an industrial club?
When we’re talking about the Colourizon concept it’s definitely a venue with a view. As a dj I like both.

Any collegeaus you would like to invite to co-host your Colourizon event with?
Adriatique, BICEP (Live) , Eelke Kleijn, Lee Burridge, Nick Warren, Patrice Bäumel, Einmusik and I would love to invite Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed and Henry Saiz again : )

Can you tell us more about the Colourizon artwork for upcoming edition? 
I’ve made this picture in New York in May and used it as artwork for the upcoming Colourizon event w/ Guy J. The weather was changing every hour so very attractive to stare at. I’ve chosen this picture because it’s a bit mysterious and at the same time it shows the business and daily traffic above Manhattan in between clouds.

Thanks for your time Kim and see you at Colourizon on the 21st of September!

Horizon photo of Miss Melera – New York – May 2019
“Like the sun colours the sea, music colours life.”

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Colourizon w/ Guy J & Miss Melera

Like the sun colours the sea, music colours life. Miss Melera will take COLOURIZON to a new horizon on the 21st of September, where we'll...