za 02 nov

Wild as the Moon presents Dia de los Muertos w/ Behrouz & more

21:00 — 5:00

Wild as the Moon presents Dia De Los Muertos

Ahu ahu angel,

There is one very special event coming up!

▼ . ▼ . ▼ M U S I C A L P R O G R A M ▼ . ▼ . ▼

Sound Shapes
Deer Jade
Antonio Ponti Dj


*The Market of Curiosities*
We once again invited many many amazing beings that will sell their colourful creations for you to wear.

▼ . ▼ . ▼ M O O N M E D I T A T I O N ▼ . ▼ . ▼
The Moon Meditation – 22:00 – 22:30

Wild as the Moon starts every show with a powerful moon meditation. By allowing yourself to “arrive”, you enter a new dimension. Together, we take a moment to get used to the energy around us. To step away from the outside world and into the new world. Conscious, mindful and aware. Let the words and music guide you to the ethereal planes and find out more about yourself.

▼ . ▼ . ▼ S H O W ▼ . ▼ . ▼
☽ Performers
☽ Massage Zone
☽ Secret Stage
☽ Card readings
☽ Energy Cleansings
☽ Market of Curiosities
☽ Facepaint

Beware, the good dreams come to life.
Ahu ahu,

Wild as the Moon

Presented to you by The Gardens of Babylon and De Marktkantine