za 23 mrt

Stephan Bodzin, Dominik Eulberg, Luna Semara, Vntm, Colyn

22:00 — 5:00 • €17,50 / €20 / €22,50

A crazy weekend continues…

The German Stephan Bodzin is a true storyteller, who takes the crowd on a ride through out his musical influences. His career is strongly defined by running his own label Herzblut since 2006. When Bodzin is in charge of the DJ booth, his driving, high impact, hypnotic sound with memorable senses of melody will sticks in the mind. Vntm Live and Luna Semara will support Stephan Bodzin during this special club night in an even more special weekend.

▲ Theater room ▲
Stephan Bodzin live
Luna Semara

▲ Second room ▲
Dominik Eulberg (3 hour set)

▲ Roxanne ▲
Daniel Zuur (all night)

▲ Food/drinks by card only! ▲