za 23 feb

He.She.They. with Maya Jane Coles

23:00 — 5:00 • €15 / €17,50

‘He.She.They’ Mission Statement

Can you remember when dance music culture was all about breaking down barriers rather than building them? We can and we feel it’s time to return to those inclusive ideological roots. Let’s once again create memories and moments together with people we love and new people we meet in a collective experience. We want to create a place without prejudice; where people can be people to create a world whereby people feel like they belong whilst at the same time still expressing their utmost individuality and creativity of their own characters no matter what their age, race, background or sexual preference may be. It’s as simple as He.She.They…

▲ Line up ▲
Maya Jane Coles
Carlos Valdes
Samuel Deep

▲ Food/drinks by card only! ▲