do 12 apr

Lil Louis World Wide Exclusive Album Release

19:00 — 23:00 • FREE

Lil Louis is back… to the future.

After seven years in the studio, the Founding Father of House, Lil Louis has reached his greatest musical heights. Creating at a pace unheard of, Louis has written over 1,600 songs and will release an unprecedented SIX groundbreaking new albums back to back.

The Top Selling House Music Artist in history, known for arguably the most important House record of all time, “French Kiss”, Lil Louis avers that this is his greatest musical body of work ever.

To celebrate this accomplishment with his fans, Louis has hosted a Worldwide Exclusive Album Review Tour that has so far taken place in London, Paris, Glasgow, Kiev, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta and New York. Due to overwhelming demand the International tour will now extend to Amsterdam. House Music’s beloved icon is coming to Amsterdam on Thursday 12. April at Die Marktkantine.

During the Album Review, Louis will present songs from several of his new albums. In between songs, Lil Louis will talk about the journey of the albums. But be warned, this is no typical album review. Louis will make you dance and celebrate the history of House Music into the future.

Get down!

See you soon.