zo 22 okt

ADE Sunday – DJ Harvey

22:00 — 5:00 • €17,50 / €20,-

DJ Harvey – The Amsterdam Residency Part 2

Having DJ Harvey over at De Marktkantine is, most definitely, always something special! For the finale of our Amsterdam Dance Event programme we’ve invited the dj to play all night long. So prepare yourselves for a magical journey through music, which will certainly be the cherry on top of your ADE this coming year.

DJ Harvey – all night long

DJ Harvey at De Marktkantine (26.04.2017)

That was one nice wave to ride! DJ Harvey showed his true strength on Kingsnight and we can't wait for him to be back for number two out of his three residency nights this coming year. Track: Ray Mang - Look Into My EyesVideo: Tim Buiting

Geplaatst door De Marktkantine op Dinsdag 2 mei 2017