The People of Cantina: Lucie

Sinds de start van Cantina in september 2017 zijn er een aantal sleutelfiguren die de avond maken tot het bizarre feest dat Cantina is. Tijd om ze stuk voor stuk in het zonnetje te zetten…


Mocht je jezelf ooit hebben afgevraagd welke prachtige dame met vuur door Cantina marcheert in prachtige verlichte kostuums, dat is onze Lucie! Zij schittert elke Cantina op het podium in artistieke gewaden en indrukwekkende attributen. Nu laten we het woord aan haar:

I perform during the earlier part of Cantina. Being the first impression when people enter Cantina. Moving in between the entrance part and the stage. You never know where we appear. We try to bring something different. Every week you can see us wearing different masks with some simple and bizzare piece of clothing. I love seeing people’s faces and reactions. The more bizarre reaction the better. People can’t see our faces but we can see theirs. I like the mysterious part of it. My bizarre soul comes alive while performing. In every day life I don’t want any attention. Let’s say I’m bizarre enough to perform at any kind of event wearing any kind of clothing and transform into a character. I love being free in creating rather than being told I have to wear a costume which has nothing to do with how I feel or how I want to express myself. At Cantina we are given freedom to create and that’s a big part of why I love being here. Being a performer is one part but being a creator of your performance is an additional step. We don’t follow any pattern and timing. We are floating throughout the night at Cantina spaces. We react to people and the atmosphere.

Instagram: Lucie.pokorna

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