The People of Cantina: Jazz

Sinds de start van Cantina in september 2017 zijn er een aantal sleutelfiguren die de avond maken tot het bizarre feest dat Cantina is. Tijd om ze stuk voor stuk in het zonnetje te zetten…


Mocht je jezelf ooit hebben afgevraagd welke indrukwekkende vlam vrijwel elke Cantina op het podium staat te paraderen, dat is onze verrukkelijke Jazz! Alleen zijn glimlach maakt je al opslag verliefd. Wij kunnen geen genoeg van hem krijgen, dus daarom stellen wij hem graag aan je voor! Nu laten we het woord aan hem:

If I have to describe myself in three words, I choose: complete, creative and energy! I entertain the visitors of Cantina through dance and live performance on stage. By taking the guests on a creative expressive journey in the form of dance and art, working for Cantina is an explosion of energy every time.  The people of Cantina are in my view family. They are always relaxed. You can also say, the people of Cantina are just the shizzle!! My favorite evening was Todd Terry, one of the house legends where I could entertain the guests together on stage. The moment that Todd and I had contact, when we both felt the beat of music was just magical. The diversity of nightlife makes Amsterdam so special. Despite being able to immerse themselves in the big crowd, there is always a way to connect with each other in the form of music and energy. I express myself with dance and art. During the day I teach as an art teacher and in the night I am an artist on the dance floor. The outfits are taken care of for me and we always discuss what we will wear in advance. But normally I get my inspiration from the 80s and 90s when fashion was still fashion;). My biggest blunder during a night out? To speak to someone spontaneously who was not the person I thought I was at all. then offered a drink. also cost me money, only to compensate for the feeling of shame hahaha.

Instagram: Painter jazz