Markt Music Podcast- Summer Series

We live in a world that lives and breathes diversity, and special talents are born from today’s constant intercultural exchange. We live in a country which fosters, encourages, and appreciates that unique talent which has been emulated in its own style and shines bright in The Netherlands today. The care of this exchange and growth of artistic competencies surpasses limits when talent is met with talent, and this is what we want to capture as a club in Amsterdam. 

To tap into this running theory, we’ve launched a special podcast series that highlights local artists and creates a hub where talent can meet talent. Musical up-and-comings have been invited to present their sound, reach listeners on a wider scale, and allow YOU to carry De Marktkantine in your pocket all year long. This podcast aims to journey through the several genres of electronic music, and showcase a special sound that has won many over. Alongside, creative local illustrator, Joska van Oosten, has teamed up to translate sound through drawings; with this artistic duo- ‘Markt Music Podcast’