Een ode aan Michael Mayer en Patrice Bäumel

Michael Mayer and Patrice Bäumel: two faces who have been in our DJ booth on a regular basis. Lets have a look back on these two musical legends at De Marktkantine – and get in the mood for their all night long get-together on Saturday the 12th of January during KOMPAKT EXTRA at De Marktkantine!


What’s up on Saturday the 12th of January?

KOMPAKT EXTRA, also known as Speicher, is a sub-label of Kompakt Records. Since 2001 the Speicher series became a blueprint for idiosyncratic, powerful techno with clear dance floor ambitions. Artists who have released on Speicher include the likes of Kölsch, DJ Koze, Voigt & Voigt, Patrice Bäumel, ANNA, Marc Romboy, Laurent Garnier and of course label boss Michael Mayer.

With „KOMPAKT EXTRA – Speicher“ Kompakt will establish a new event format in 2019, with always two of the label’s main artists performing side by side in some of the best club venues worldwide.

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