DMK Series #02 – SomeChemistry

Buiten onze clubavonden om zijn we natuurlijk ook continu met muziek bezig, net zoals onze artiesten.
Om iedereen hiervan mee te laten genieten, zijn we de DMK Series begonnen. Deze maandelijkse podcast wordt opgenomen door onze residents en andere artiesten die vaker bij ons over de vloer komen.
De tweede podcast komt van SomeChemistry die je op een veelomvattende trip door zijn platen neemt. In een uur schieten de vintage klinkende platen en italo invloeden je om de oren. We stelden de dj/producer ook nog enkele vragen.

What is the best thing that happened to you lately?
I just returned from a 3 week holiday in Mexico, that would definitely be the best thing that happened to me lately. I rented a car with a friend and we drove around, got a drunk tattoo of a Mexican song that was a hit in 1992 called Vuela Vuela by Magneto, a famous boyband back then. Also, got the chance to dj there. Good times.

Are you currently working on any projects?
Yes, always! Music-wise, I just finished a remix for a Russian punkpop electrosex band, based in Berlin. It will be out in a few weeks. Also, next week there is a original coming out on vinyl through Bordello a Parigi, my favourite italo house label from Amsterdam. Actually, I dropped this one in the podcast as final track. Furthermore, I am finishing some new music for a new EP later this year, and trying to hussle some tickets for a band called The Streets in The Melkweg on april 12th (let me know if you selling, let’s do business).

Link: http://www.deephouseamsterdam.com/premiere-chemistry-tofu-drama-original-mix/

What are you looking forward to?
The summer! There are some exciting gigs coming up already, such as Awakenings Festival where I’m sharing a stage with Job Jobse, Peggy Gou and Applescal amongst others, but also cool get-togethers such as Welcome to the Future, Festifest, Oranjebloesem, De Zon and Georgie’s, and some more which I cannot announce yet :).

What is your first record ever bought?
HIStory by Michael Jackson. I have on LP, CD and even original cassette tape.

What is your go-to track?
Baltimora – Tarzan Boy (extended dance mix)
All versions (extended, original, and club mix) of the 12″ record back in 1985 are timeless.

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