ADE 2019 at De Marktkantine

The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the leading conference and festival for the whole spectrum of electronic sub-genres, with more than 1000 events spread out over almost 200 venues.

These ADE events are just announced at De Marktkantine:

vr 18 okt
Filth On Acid pres. Reinier Zonneveld 12 hours live - ADE

Reinier Zonneveld will set a new record for himself; the techno wunderkind will play a 12-hour live-set at De Marktkantine during Amsterdam ...

za 19 okt
Kompakt w/ Gui Boratto, Pachanga Boys, Michael Mayer, Weval, Axel Boman, Nicky Elisabeth - ADE

For Amsterdam Dance Event 2019 the mighty KOMPAKT label returns to De Marktkantine with an extended showcase of core acts and some very spec...