A Marktstroll with Torus creators- Ridwan and Guust


Laurent Garnier, Marcel Dettman, David August, and Midnight Sun are four nights we had the pleasure of inviting the two creators of the 3D Torus simulation, to join and bring our club nights to the next level- visually. Ridwan Nasruddin and Guust van Uden brought their spin of a vision of recreating a VJ norm in clubs across The Netherlands. Through their journey of utilizing their five senses with a large emphasis on initiation through touch, they’ve created the Torus which they are proud papas of. We sat down with them to discover more of the initial curiosity that sparked the birthplace of this project and learned more about where they plan to bring it in the near future. We are certain that this is not the last we see of them, surely they helped move a special visual journey with the space we have to offer in correlation with the music the Djs brought on these special evenings.